A Story A Day – in May

This is an unscheduled announcement. How official!

Due to my ignorance of a forthcoming event, you are now bombarded with posts, and will be for the next month. What is it that is happening? I hear you ask. It is a phenomenon known as Story A Day.

Quite simply, the aim is to write a story a day in May. There is a September one too, but as it is May, I will be doing that one. It is a bit like NaNoWriMo, only without the word count and you have to complete a story, beginning to end, per day. So not being one to shy away from a challenge, I have signed up.

What will I write about? I don’t know. They have daily prompts, I may use the newspapers, or develop sub-plots of existing stories. I cannot promise it will be all crime. I cannot promise it will be all good. What I can promise is that every day in May, there will be a first draft of a story on this blog. View it a bit like the auditions for the X Factor. Some of it will make you cringe and wonder why I could think I could write. And hopefully there will be some gems, where you think I have real talent, and you are glad I had the courage to get up and write. And then there will be the in between, where the talent shines through but needs someone else to nurture it.

I hope you will enjoy this month long journey. And if you want to join in, you can sign up here.

See you in May!


Project Updates

Currently, I am working on 3 writing projects. The first is my personal project, a novel. It is in it’s third re-write, and I am determined to make it work.

Also there is a crime short story, which is for a competition which closes in May. I am only a quarter of the way through.

And lastly I am working on an assignment for the Writer’s Bureau course. The current assignment is to write an article for a magazine. I have chosen happiness as the theme, but I have other ideas from that. I will see where it will take me!



What are you working on?

Where Is The Mystery?

Crime is boring. That’s it. You heard me right. Crime bores me. All crime is the same.


Where are the crime entrepreneurs? It is bad that old cases fascinate me more than new ones. Someone been shot dead in the street? Boring! Someone has had their organs removed, almost surgically, and no one knows who did it? Tell me more!


Crime seems to be mainstream now. And I don’t mean that in the Crime Novel or movie way. I mean that it seems to be more socially acceptable. A recent case local to me saw a woman be diagnosed with Battered Wife Syndrome (or something to that effect). She got 3 and a half years for murdering her boyfriend. The comments on the newspaper went wild. The victim had been portrayed as a party lifestyle jobless male, and he had a look about him that made you think ‘Drug Dealer’. Well, he was also knocking his girlfriend about. Then a family member joined the comments defending him. They were saying that is what life is like. Why should he be killed for hitting his wife? Is this really what life is like?


Or is it not the crime that is boring, but the criminals? The one I am intrigued by is the one shrouded in mystery. Are criminals just that stupid that they get caught easier?

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As a crime writer, I turn to real crime for inspiration. But when I am bored by it, when real life criminals don’t leave much to the imagination, that can be harder.


But one crime recently did catch my eye. The perpetrator was caught pretty much straight away. But it was interesting because it was elaborate and carefully thought out. And I am guessing that had he not been caught, he might have been successful. You can read more about it here.


I suppose it is only right that my first post (okay, my second…..) should be a welcome post!

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I’m finding my feet with blogging. My aim is that I will be interesting, maybe funny, and not too intrusive! I will focus mostly on the nuances of daily life, mostly centred around writing.

At some point, I may even be able to pass on some wisdom!

For some, they hope to be a best-seller, a multi-millionaire, or a rock star. And then there’s me – I hope to be wise. And able to write something.


And I have always been told to end on a question. But what can I ask, that doesn’t sound too contrived? Do you feel welcome? Well, do you?