A Little Teaser

What follows is an exercise for my FutureLearn Course. It is a course on writing fiction. This has been done parallel to the Comprehensive course from the Writer’s Bureau. The exercise was to write 200-350 words of a story. This is an idea I have for a future novel. I thought it would be good to test the idea. I would love any feedback in the comments. Would you want to read more.

The first witness was called to the stand. There was no doubt for the prosecution that this was an open and shut case. All the witnesses were still present when police arrived at the scene, and all statements were taking promptly. After confirming name and to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth, the witness sat down.

“You were there the night that the victim, James Reynolds was murdered?” The prosecution asked.

“No.” The witness replied.

“But we have a statement here that was taken at the scene.”

“Well, yes I live there. So I was, but I thought you meant I was in the actual place.”

“Did you see what happened?” The prosecutor took a step out from behind the bench.


“But it says here in your statement, in detail, what happened. Your statement is almost identical to the ten others we collected, and is in line with the autopsy and every other part of the investigation. Do you know the man in the dock behind me?” The prosecutor turned and pointed to the defendant.


“Is there a reason you are changing your answers?”


It didn’t take long for the court to see that the witness wasn’t going to talk. The next witness came, and the same things were said. All ten witnesses came, all witnesses denied their statements. All witnesses were warned they could be charged with perverting the course of justice. At the end of the trial, with only circumstantial evidence, the defendant was released from custody.

It was this point that those ten witnesses lives would change.


I hope you enjoyed it! And don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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