First Story

Today is May 1st, so it is also the first day of Story A Day. I have to admit that I didn’t finish the story. I hit the wall. I also wrote it at my Mother-in-Law’s, with my two children and my niece running round. I think the story does have potential though! I used the prompt: When Terry began scrolling through her phone, none of the photos she found were hers.


And this is what came of it:

When Terry began scrolling through her phone, none of the photos she found were hers.

“Call my phone.” She said to James, who was sitting next to her.

A puzzled look on his face, he did as he was asked. The phone in Terry’s hand buzzed to life.

“How is that possible?” Terry asked.

“Let me have a look.” James took the phone from his girlfriend’s hand. “What is the issue?”

Terry showed him the photo’s. “I didn’t take any of these. And I can’t find mine.”

James scrolled through menus and changed settings. Nothing would return his girlfriend’s photo.

Terry’s alarm woke her. She sleepily got out of bed and took her phone downstairs. She started the coffee, and waited for James to join her. She put the local news on, and paused to view the Breaking News. A mass murder and a bomb. The news was not local. Terry had no idea where it was, but it looked familiar. She heard James moving about upstairs and called out to him to hurry. She showed him the news.

“So what?” He shrugged.

“So what? Does it not look familiar?”

“Where is it?”

“I don’t know, but I know I have seen that place before.” Terry got up to go make coffee in the kitchen and James followed.

The news continued in the background, but was silenced by the gurgling of the percolator. It finally stopped, and the news was audible again.

“The police have released a description of a person of interest and her name is Terry Hulland.” The news anchor reported. “Anyone with information on her where abouts should call the number at the bottom of the screen. Do not approach as she is considered dangerous.”

James looked at Terry, and Terry stared at the TV screen.

“Why do they want me?” She asked.

“Are you sure that you have never been there?” James asked.

“I’m sure. And I am one hundred percent sure that I have nothing to do with what they are reporting in any way at all.”

“Maybe you should go into the police station of your own free will.”

“Maybe I should.” Terry replied as she headed to the door, coat in hand.

The police station was a foreboding building, striking fear into innocent and guilty alike. Terry took a deep breath. James was in the driver’s seat and gave her a thumbs up. She gave a worried smile and walked into the station.

“Hi, I would like to speak to someone in charge. I believe I am a person of interest in the bombings.” Terry said to the man behind the counter.

The staff member raised a finger and lifted a telephone receiver on his desk. In seconds, two officers came out from a side door and charged at Terry, who had no chance to react.

“Terry Hulland, you are being arrested on suspicion of murder.” One of the officers said.

“What?” Terry said, confused as they continued telling her her rights.

She was led to a side room, and left there to wait for a member of CID. In those quiet moments, where there wasn’t a single sound to be heard, it dawned on her. The photos. That is where she had seen the place before. She had no idea why, or who. But she knew she had gotten herself in something deep, and she had no way to get out of it.

What felt like hours later, a CID officer entered the room followed by a young PC.

“Hello, I am DS Tennant, and this is PC Smith.” The man in the suit said as they sat down. “You know why you’re here?”

“Sort of.” Tracey nodded and shrugged.

“You are our prime suspect in the murder and bombing that occurred in Reading.”


DS Tennant produced some folders. “Do you recognise these?”

“No.” Terry said as she viewed the photos.

Have you had a go today? Post in the comments.


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