Find the Story

Following on from ‘Where’s The Mystery?’, I realised that the mystery hasn’t gone completely.

As a writer, my job is to tell the story. So the crimes I read about in the papers may be boring. Joe Bloggs may well have stabbed Jane Bloggs to death. But something you don’t always get to read about is the why. And if you do, it is factual. For instance, it could say that Joe was a jealous man who saw Jane chatting to the male neighbour, saw red and stabbed her. That is his motive. Jealousy. But why was he jealous?


That is my job as a writer. He could be jealous because he was taught it. Or he could have been cheated on. Or maybe he thought she was too good for him. Maybe he found her after coming back from his own affair, and his jealousy is misplaced. There is a story in there.


And that is something I must remember. It is something any writer must remember. We are telling tales, stories that are made up, even if they are inspired by true events.


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