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Are you like me, finding yourself on Facebook much longer than what you should? I could spend all day on it! I am not a pleasant person to be around if I do. I get especially grumpy if I notice I have wasted a morning on the Social Media site and not done any writing. For some of you, your guilty pleasures could include Twitter and Instagram. Don’t be shy, raise your hand!

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I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser, and I know that you can get similar things on different browsers. At this moment in time I only know about the Firefox one, but have a Google and find one for your browser. The thing I am talking about is LeechBlock.

LeechBlock is a Mozilla Firefox browser plug-in, and you can tell it which sites to block and when. For me, I have blocked Facebook from 9-5 Monday to Friday, amongst others. You can also set the site that you get sent to if you even think about trying your blocked site. I use the default, but you can specify a URL. And the icing on the cake – and I know I would unblock the sites if it wasn’t for this – you can set it so that you cannot change the blocking of those sites during the times they are blocked.

So for me, I could not go to the LeechBlock plug-in and say I want to block Facebook between 10 and 2 if I try to do it between 9-5.


And it has helped. I am writing more. But I am also a better mother and housewife too, as I have a little less distraction during the main parts of the day.

Will you be using it?


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