Writing What You Know

I will say with total honesty that I am not a writer who knows everything. There is not much that I have not heard before. But every once in a while I will hear something new, or gain a new perspective on some old advice.

One of those pieces of advice is ‘write what you know’. I used to think that I know nothing. My life has been inconsequential. But upon revisiting this advice, I realised I actually know quite a lot.

In no particular order, I know:

What it’s like to suffer violence at the hands of someone you love and trust.

What it’s like to be isolated and cut off.

What it’s like to be so mentally ill that you are a danger to those around you, and yourself.

What it is like to have a child removed from your care.

What it’s like to work in a train station.

What it’s like to have a c-section.

What it’s like to serve coffe……….to raise a child with special needs……..to look after a horse…….to fall off a horse…….to witness my parents fighting………to watch an animal die…….to see a dead body…….to give birth to a dead baby


See, I know quite a lot. All those are negative things. I am sure I have experienced many happy times, like the birth of all my children, landing a job, meeting a lovely man who turned out to be my dream guy, to be proposed to (though not yet what it;s like to be married).

So if you ever find yourself wondering what you actually know, remember it isn’t only knowledge, but experience. You know more than you think.


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