Who’s Story is it?

This is a post, that is written for the sake of testing an idea, throwing it out there.

I am a regular reader of two big writing magazines in the UK (if anyone knows of any smaller writing magazines, please let me know!). Every month, they both drop on my doormat. I read them with a starvation of new material, but then re-read them at a later point to ingest the words.

One article, which I didn’t read but the title has stuck in my head, asked ‘Who’s Story is it?’. And this is the most important story. I am also reading a book on writing. It has just described what might be written in a marketing e-mail. And I know who the story belongs to.

It doesn’t belong to the sun that is going to die. It doesn’t belong to the human race that will suffer for eternity in 3 days. It belongs to the bastard son, Braverman. I don’t know how, but the plot is the sun, but the story is Braverman’s. It would undoubtedly follow him for 50,000+ words.

I have stalled with Shaun’s Children. And having read these things in the last couple of days, I have learned why. Now I am not going to give up on any of the characters, though I do wonder if they all belong in the same story. At the moment, my story is severely lacking. So I have decided to choose who the story belongs to. As it is a crime novel,, which I hope will be a series, I am going to choose the detective.

So when you are struggling, remember to ask yourself: Who’s story is this?


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