Big Apologies

I have big apologies to make don’t I? To all my readers, I am sorry.

I guess my absence is a variety of things. Initially it was lack of motivation and ill health. Then it was because I had been away and was worried you would tell me off. Then it was lack of passion for the subject(s) I was writing about. And let’s face it! If I am bored writing it, you will be bored reading it. I have been doing a lot of searching and praying for guidance. As a result here I am! And I have exciting news.

I am a writer. It is what I do. It is what I will always do. If I was ever given an option of writing or something else, writing will win nearly all the time. Maybe I will be successful, maybe I won’t. My youngest child starts nursery in September, giving me 3 hours, five days a week to do as I wish. Can you guess what that will be? It won’t be cleaning!
Another thing that I learned is what ‘real’ job I would like to do. I have spent much of my time in hospitals over the past three years, and I see staff doing the quiet things like offering a drink or food. As a teen, my work experience took me to the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford. Due to my age and the fact I wasn’t qualified, what I was allowed to do was very limited. So I took the patients a drink, helped make beds, and remove any toileting receptacles for disposal. It was also here that I saw my first dead body. Luckily, this was before we became a culture of suing. The nurse who found me trying to rouse the dead man ushered me away very quickly and apologetically. I still see him, but I am not traumatised by it. The covers were pulled up, his arms were folded and a red flower was laid next to his head. He looked peaceful. I remember thinking that he was in a weird way for a sleeping man, but each to their own! Anyway, I have digressed. This experience at the hospital is what I would like to do now. I didn’t think there was a job, assumed it was part and parcel of medical staff responsibilities, but no! The job title is Healthcare Support Assistant. This is what I will likely end up doing as a day job, probably regardless of the outcome of my writing.

I have also signed up to be a volunteer blood bike controller.



All in all, I am happier, more secure and more determined than I have been in a while.

I will be back!


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