I Am A Writer

Hello,, I am Ingrid, and I am a writer. I have been a writer for more years than I remember. I don’t see it as a problem.

No, you haven’t walked into a Writers Anonymous session. This is what I am doing.

I can’t really remember how it came about. I was struggling with frustration and guilt at not writing much. After all, I can’t call myself a writer if I don’t write. So, me being me, thinking the answers lie in a book (Ha! Maybe it is Readers Anonymous instead?) I went on my kindle and entered some search terms. I didn’t feel very writerly, wanted to be more writerly, and most importantly wanted to write more.

I came across a book called ‘On Being A Writer’, and it seemed like the book I needed. It promises habits for a writing life that will last. I must admit I have had this book for some time and I am still on number 1. I am finding it easier each time. What is number 1, and what has that got to do with what I am writing here? I hear you ask.

Number 1 is to identify as a writer, and to say I am a writer. And so I do. Or try to, without the preface ‘I am a mum and….’.And my first exercise is to write about identifying as a writer. It says personal essays and such, but I am going to bear all here.

So for the first part:

When I told my fiance I was a writer, he said ‘I know you are.’ I asked him why he knew that, as I don’t really identify with that title. His reply: ‘Because you write.’

So there you have it! Because I write, I am a writer.

What do you identify with? If you want to identify as a writer, give it a go. Tell someone you trust that you are a writer and see what their response is. Hope it is as positive as mine.


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