I Am a Writer, Aren’t I??

This is a follow on from this post last week. This time it is a personal essay that I am writing about my identity as a writer. The book states:

Write about your identity as a writer in personal essay format. Address questions such as: When did you start calling yourself a writer? If you don’t yet, what keeps you from it?

This is quite a tough one. What is my identity? Am I actually a writer? I have successfully written a novel length manuscript, but never edited it. I have submitted a couple of short stories, which got rejected. Since taking writing seriously, I have learned that I know absolutely nothing about writing! So if you are here, hoping for some writing advice, move along, because I need some too! And if you find any good sites, please put them in the comments below.

So I shall address the first posed question. I have not really called myself a writer. It is currently my dirty little secret. Few people know of it. Why do I not wholly identify with that title? Probably because I haven’t been paid yet – something I am working very hard to rectify!


I am really nailing the daily word counts,  and reaching out for advice and support. Am I writer? Perhaps. Some say I am. Do I feel like a writer? Not yet, as I don’t earn money from it. I will keep going until I do, and I am very fortunate to have some friends and a supportive family. We writers can be very irritable at times!

Meanwhile, I am hunting a mentor. Do you know anyone who would like to mentor? Please get in touch if you (or someone you know) would like to mentor!

And finally, what about you? What is your identity? And why is that?


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