Can you be a 9-5 Writer?

I have been grappling with various ideas of how to be productive and still be available for my children. I have recently learned of the Pomodoro technique, which has helped a bit. I now check my e-mails in the morning for 25 minutes (I have that many to clear, that it takes that long!). I hope that, eventually, I will only have a few in my inbox that it doesn’t take 25 minutes, but with over 500, that is a long way away at the minute.

During one such session, I came across a blog post by Sally Jenkins. Brief but to the point, she talks about being businesslike in the way we approach our work. I have never had a job that would consume me outside of office hours – though I know there are some – but I always thought that writing isn’t a job, but a vocation. But living like that was tiresome. Even writers need a break!!

So now I am going to re-evaluate how I approach my business of writing. Because that is what it is. A business. I may only be in the start-up phase, but it will take off one day.



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