Just a Little Something

I recently started following The Write Practice, and recently they had a silly scavenger hunt. I decided to have a go, and this is my effort! I hope you like it, and maybe it will win. And if you want to have a go, you need to be quick as it closes today!


Rinse them out and remove ‘tide marks’ after use. Sophie looked at the bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese on the table in front of her and wondered what the instruction meant. Tide marks? Isn’t that what you get in a bath? A swimming pool? Not in a bowl of Bolognese, surely! She scoffed the spaghetti, kicking her black plimsoles against the table leg. She was wearing her dad’s shirt, which still smelled of him. She couldn’t believe a white van man would attack her dad with cat litter, all whilst her dad was eating pizza! What kind of animal was he? Matt, who had been driving the white van man, had followed her dad to Titchwell nature reserve. Why her dad was out there, eating pizza, was just as bizarre as the attack itself. Anyway, Sophie had conducted her own revenge plan.

She looked at the pink rubber gloves she had laid out on the kitchen table. They were brand new. She then eyed the litter box, that she had not cleaned in a week. A smile spread across her mouth.

Now, if only she could find him eating a pizza.




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