Week Two On Being A Writer

You may remember that I am following advice in a book called ‘On Being A Writer’ by Kroeker and Craig. This week is titled ‘Arrange’ with a focus on work space and time. I have tidied my space and already feel more professional, though my tiny desk with no leg room is not much fun. but as time goes on, I can buy better things. I am working with what I have got. I also looked at my time. Not much needed doing there if I am honest. When my daughter is at school, I get about 2 hours and I spend half an hour having lunch. That leaves me with an hour and a half before I need to consider leaving to collect her and her brother. Next September will give me full days in which to write.

recite-12ixk7aI will try and fit writing in at the weekends, but will only worry about it if I am behind on any projects. The exception to this rule will be NaNoWriMo, unless I am superbly ahead, when I will have to write daily. So at the minute I am doing quite well with arranging. When one or the other (or both!) kid is ill, I will just have to write when i can.

So, other than the next part of this weeks tasks, I am quite on it. I look forward to sharing that aspect with you.

In the meantime, tell me about your work space in the comments, and what would you do to improve it if you could? Or is it just right?


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