Shaun’s Children (working title) – Grace is a battered wife, but like many like her, no one knows. One day she gets the courage to leave her abusive husband whilst he is out. Little does she know that she is pregnant with his child. She runs away and starts a new life with her new baby. It isn’t long before her ex-husband finds her.

Then she and her baby vanish. The police take little notice until her baby is found dead. The manhunt for Grace heats up. But did Grace really murder her daughter? Or is she a victim?


Other Projects


Story a Day May, and hope to join in in September too! Will be more prepared then. More info here.

Assignment N2 – This is a non-fiction piece. I am writing for Psychologies magazine. The topic is happiness but I have yet to find the hook I am going to use. I want to stop procrastinating on this and get. it. written. More information on the Writers Bureau and their courses can be found here.